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Irene Ginis, MD, PhD, Life Scientist Unique philosophy and practical guide for physical and mental wellbeing.

After badly breaking my foot followed by a complicated surgery where metal plates and screws had been installed I had a six month period of conventional rehabilitation based on “be patient”, “push it”, “try to overcome”. It initially worked to a certain degree and then the progress plateaued with no improvement during the past two months: swollen leg and pain after a couple of hours of walking. Then I was lucky to meet Igor Burdenko and learn about the Burdenko Method. It was an eye opener.

The Burdenko Method is not only teaching you therapeutic exercises, although Dr. Burdenko developed a multitude of unique land and water exercises stemming from success with hundreds of patients over decades of experience. The Burdenko Method presents a novel rehabilitation philosophy quite different from a traditional physical therapy approach.

It is based on a holistic approach appealing to your mind and body as a whole. It promotes healing WITHOUT pain and also teaches a healthy way of movement in general. Dr. Burdenko bases his principles on his own and others scientific research and understanding of a healing process. He emphasizes interconnection between the body parts, bones and muscles, mechanisms regulating their blood supply and the state of mind. Dr. Burdenko gives a scientific explanation for everything he recommends. He passionately wants to help you to heal, or simply to improve your stamina and wellbeing. The Burdenko Method energizes, inspires and motivates.

In his book “The Burdenko Method - Restore and Maintain Health With The Fitness Wisdom System of Water & Land Therapy” where Dr. Burdenko describes his philosophy and gives a practical guide for the recovery after injury, he presents many heart-warming testimonials about how the Burdenko Method gave the second life to those who already had lost hope including professional sportsmen and dancers.  In my case the message from Dr. Burdenko that “pain indicates the absence of healing” encouraged me to abandon my not very successful conventional therapy and I enthusiastically started to follow his instructions in the water and on the land. And after only few weeks of rehabilitation according to the Burdenko Method, I finally see progress.

Irene Ginis, MD, PhD.
Life scientist.
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Donna Robbins, artist When I first placed a call to the Burdenko Institute I was desperate. I wondered, would this be another dead-end or an answer to my prayers?

Throughout my life I took for granted the joys of being active, until now. I was starting to experience a gradual decline in mobility due to increasing difficulties with my joints. It seemed that every activity I tried would end up with some sort of repetitive stress injury.

At this point, my activity level was at an all time low, as was my mental state. Inactivity and the frustration it created gradually gave way to a deepening depression.

I tried everything I could think of to regain the use of my limbs and enjoy life again.  Despite visits to doctors, physical therapy centers, pain clinics and chiropractors, there was no notable improvement.  Thank goodness I didn't give up!  Once again I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and this time I would receive the recommendation that would change my life. She urged me to contact Dr. Burdenko as an alternative to traditional physical therapy.

Upon receiving my phone call, Dr. Burdenko scheduled our first session and I arrived, notebook in hand. I was soon to discover that this remarkable man is a pioneer of an innovative approach to achieving optimal health and well being. Somehow I realized the importance of learning what is called the Burdenko Method. I clung to this program and instructor as a lifeline, gradually drawing the strength needed to eventually overcome my debilitating emotional upset and depression.

The Burdenko Method is a unique program which consists of both water and land exercises.  It is different from any other program I have experienced. For the first time, attention is not concentrated exclusively on the injured area. The variety of exercises taught by Dr. Burdenko are designed to stimulate (strengthen) all the muscles of the body.  Working my entire body gets my blood pumping and gives me a positive feeling, which helps tremendously in the healing process.  As Dr. Burdenko often reminds me, "life is movement!", and he never lets me forget to "smile!".

Another aspect of the program I had not encountered is the introduction of a mindful approach to exercise. The mind/body connection is a large part of the Burdenko philosophy for injury prevention. Have you ever been to a rehabilitation center where you were told to visualize the movement before executing it? My mind is now an active participant in my rehabilitation.

Understanding the Burdenko Method and having a wide variety of exercises to choose from gives me the flexibility to continuously change and tailor the program to whatever my current situation may be. For instance, experiencing pain while working out tells me to stop, reassess, and choose other exercises that allow movement without further injury. This knowledge enables me to handle setbacks without panicking, knowing that I can keep strong during the healing process.  Such valuable lessons have transferred to my life outside the gym. I now focus on the positive qualities I have and make decisions on how to best utilize them to reach my goals. I also realize that my weaknesses are not insurmountable and, within reason, I can overcome anything!

To know the Burdenko Method is to be blessed, to know Dr. Burdenko is to be twice blessed. My deepest appreciation goes to Igor Burdenko. A mentor and friend who patiently listened to me and showed, by example, how to be physically and mentally strong. May the blessings we receive from this extraordinary person benefit all who seek a better life! Thank you Dr. Burdenko from me and all those whose lives you have touched with your compassion, wisdom and dedication.
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Luisa Guembes Buchanan, concert pianist My name is Luisa Guembes Buchanan. I am from Lima, Perú.

I am Concert Pianist and Musicologist with many years of experience as a concert and recording artist, lecturer, and teacher.

Afflicted by Poliomyelitis at the age of one, I spent a great deal of time compensating and managing my disability.

Severe back pain became more frequent as I aged therefore I was unable to spend as much time as I wished in my profession and the quality of my life was seriously diminished.

After a stay at Canyon Ranch, where I received daily Physical therapy, it was suggested that I get in touch with Igor Burdenko.

Having tried a host of therapies I was a bit skeptical at first. Dr. Burdenko was very welcoming, he simply examined and asked some questions and then proceeded to tell me what he could do for my problem but that I needed to follow through with his method for a couple of weeks at least to see if this was for me.

The improvement was almost immediate. I have so much more stability, freedom of movement, and freedom from pain. Of course I occasionally have pain but it is not what it was and I am now enjoying the freedom to devote as much time as I wish in whatever project I am involved in.

The psychological effects of this newfound freedom are so immense that they are in my opinion a big part of what makes the Burdenko method so very unique.

I will always be grateful for knowing Dr. Burdenko. His commitment to his patients is absolute. This is another aspect of the therapy that I was unable to find elsewhere.

I would recommend this Method without any hesitation.
Luisa Guembes-Buchanan
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Allan Houston, basketball player Igor, You and your staff are blessing to me. Thank God that he sent me here. more info Marie-Christine Mouis, Boston Ballet ballerina To my friend, Igor, you are really the best of the best.
Love, Marie-Christine Mouis
Marie-Christine Mouis,
Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet

One of the principal dancers of Boston Ballet, Marie-Christine was at the peak of her career when she was injured. She wanted to recover as soon as possible to fulfill the contract obligations, and to continue her dancing at the highest level. The Burdenko Method rehabilitation program was designed for her in the water and on land. It helped her overcome the injury. Her speedy recovery impressed the Boston Ballet dancers and they wanted to see Igor and learn how to prevent injuries and be at their best performance level.
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David Pergola, hockey player David came to see Dr. Burdenko for his low back problems. His condition prohibited him to play with the team. He was sliding towards depression. After the first couple of sessions in the water his pain level went down substantially. This fact allowed David to start doing exercises on the land and continue exercises in the water. He mimicked different hockey movements in the water and on the land. Practicing on his own lifted his spirits and built up a strong belief that he can return to competitive sport and join his team back. Focusing on sport-specific qualities for hockey like speed, agility and strength gave David a lot of confidence and improved his performance on ice. more info Alexandre Despatie, solo and synchronized diver For my Friend, Igor. Thank you for getting me back on my Feet!! I couldn’t have done it without YOU!!

Alexandre Despatie
Diver, Three Times World Champion, Twice Olympic Medalist, Canada

A Canadian hero, Alexandre Despatie has been a three-time world champion and two-time silver medalist in Olympic diving. Three months before the 2008 Olympics, he blew out the fifth metatarsal on his foot. Four years of preparation and training were suddenly lost and he fell into a classic depression; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  He came to Boston with his diving partner. He was competing in solo as well as in synchronized diving.  He told Igor, "I have only one choice now, I have you.  I have tried everything else.  I believe you can help me. You have helped so many." Alexandre worked in the water and on land, where he showed both dedication and talent. New exercise routines in both water and on land helped his spirit come back. His ability to move freely in the water gave him joy as did his performance on land where he mimicked his diving techniques with no pain and great enthusiasm. He made the Canadian Olympic team which lifted the spirits of his teammates as he had been their leader for years and was the most experienced competitor on the team.  That year he won a Silver Olympic Medal.
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Lin Dawson, football player To Igor, Best wishes always.
Lin Dawson,
New England Patriots, Football Player

Igor did not have any experience working with football players being in the former Soviet Union, because American Football was not practiced then. Lin experienced a lot of fatigue after games, and he was looking for a different approach for recovery. Stress reduction techniques like exercises, massage and meditation, created a desired synergy and helped Lin to reach his goals. What helped him too, was a lot of value that Lin put into Igor’s systematic approach for decompression of Lin’s body.
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Rick Burns, Founder and General Partner, Charles River Ventures Most of the people who participate in ocean races are under 45, but I have continued to race well into my 70s due in part to the assistance I have received over the years from Igor Burdenko. more info Sebastian DeFrancesco, Paralympic Games After working with Igor, I felt my training had improved so much it helped me to win silver and bronze medals in table tennis in the World Paralympic Games.

Sebasian DeFrancesco,
Table Tennis Player, Paralympic Medalist
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Paul Wylie, figure skater Igor, Thanks for your incredible energy, enthusiasm and innovative spirit. You made it fun to rehabilitate or to train, and the results I got were amazing: flexibility, strength and fluidity. I think the unique combination of exercises and your infectious attitude helped the healing process. Thanks for all your help. more info Claire McManus, Runner, Pharmacist I have always been active and I love running not only for reasons of fitness and the challenge of competition but because it is a great social outlet as well as an escape from stress. I enjoy the easy energy flow I experience when I am fully engaged in a run with complete mind/body focus.

So, about 10 years ago, it was with some discouragement I noticed that my running experience was gradually declining. This was partly due to niggling minor injuries but a good portion of it was due to loss of flexibility etc resulting in poorer form with age.  It was not no longer the Zen experience I once enjoyed with fluidity and ease, it was becoming a real effort. 

Just around this time I was very fortunate to discover Igor and his Burdenko Method. Immediately I knew that I had found my answer and meeting him set me on a new trajectory.  At once I learned that there are important elements to being a successful runner and that one needs to regularly practice specific exercises to enhance and maintain one’s skills.

I found that the Burdenko Method was a great and versatile tool for me to maintain form and gauge my progress in addition to gaining therapeutic benefits when injured.  Using the Burdenko Method, I could design my workouts to discover and target weaknesses and improve components of my running stride or even just to improve movement in general.  I have incorporated the Burdenko Method into my weekly schedule and as a result my injuries are less and I move more efficiently.  When I have an injury I can design my workouts to maintain fitness all the while promoting healing, because of my improved knowledge and awareness.

I feel so privileged to have met Igor and to have him as a  teacher for the last 10 years.  He understands the science of movement and I am so thankful that he has dedicated his life to imparting his knowledge to others by creating the Burdenko Method. Thanks to Igor and his Method, I have regained my joie de vivre.
Claire McManus
Boston, MA
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Carol Burnes The Burdenko method is more than an exercise, recovery, and fitness program -- it is an approach to life.  One learns how one’s thoughts and beliefs can limit one’s performance.  Igor offers techniques and practices leading to a fuller and more balanced physical life.

With his wisdom and deep understanding of the body, Igor is a passionate problem solver and healer dedicated to helping one improve in strength, performance, and, most importantly, attitude.

I had damaged my meniscus and was told I would never walk again without surgery.  Then I found Igor. Through my work with him in water and then land, my knee became functional again.  I could walk and more.  Igor had changed my life.

Before my injury I had done Pilates for years with great benefit, but Igor’s method boosted my core strength and coordination in just a few weeks.  The Burdenko method has been amazingly effective for me. Even now each session with Igor offers me new techniques and exercises, and new understanding of how my body and mind work. He touches my spirit with this work. Almost daily I find myself recommending Igor’s method to someone.

The Burdenko method becomes an approach to life. One learns about attitude, and how we limit ourselves by what we believe is possible for us.  Igor broke through my limits time and again.  I doubted that I would even walk again without surgery.   Now I walk, I climb, I dance; and I ski every year with my grandchildren, all thanks to Igor and his brilliant Burdenko method.

Carol Burnes
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Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic Figure Skater Igor, Thank you for your faith in me and for the help you have given me. I wish much happiness, good health and all good things to you and people you love. All my best! more info Bill Stern, Engineer I am an old runner. I mean really old. Igor Burdenko’s wonderful fitness training enabled me to keep moving into my 90’s, taking gold, silver, and bronze in the 2009 US National Senior Games in 90-94 age grouping. Thank you Igor. more info Lester Thurow, World-Renowned Economist, Professor In the race between conditioning and aging, conditioning can win if it is diversified and fun, as it is with Dr. Burdenko’s techniques. I am now 73 years of age and have been seeing him for 27 years! more info Sarah Lamb, Principal Dancer, Royal Ballet I have worked with Dr. Burdenko after a very serious injury that could’ve ended my career. His expertise, insight, intelligence and exuberance brought me back to the stage and to performing at or above the level before the accident. Thank you for giving me my life again! I’ve been re-born and will be forever grateful. With my love, Sarah Lamb. more info Merrill Ashley, Principal Dancer, NY City Ballet Dear Igor, I owe you so much! You not only got me dancing again when everyone else thought that it was an impossibility, but you taught me and extraordinary way to get and stay in shape – whether I am injured or not. Your method is the most effective, efficient, andfun way to exercise that I have ever found. With love and endless gratitude, Merrill Ashley. more info Kevin McHale, basketball player These innovative techniques were both eye-opening and beneficial to my condition.

Kevin McHale,
basketball player, former Boston Celtics star

Kevin played next to Larry Bird in Boston Celtics for many years. Kevin fractured the bone in his foot. Unfortunately, he was misdiagnosed, and played with the pain until the end of the season. Kevin was concerned that he might not be able to play in the next season. The surgery was performed on his foot; the cast was up to the knee. He came to Igor right after the surgery. Igor put a rubber boot above the cast, and Kevin started working out in the deep water. Basketball-specific program was developed and implemented in the water and on land. Kevin loved to play basketball in the deep part of the pool. On the land, his program included practicing basketball with the exercise tubing attached to the belt around Kevin’s waist for added resistance. He was focused to restore his balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, and strength- all the essential elements in the Burdenko Method. Commitment to the program, discipline, and being organized, brought him back to the game much faster than a lot of people expected.
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Myrna Freedman Igor’s method is very different from other trainers - I wouldn’t even call Igor a trainer. He is much much more than a trainer. He’s an expert in getting people who have differing abilities go beyond what they could have expected. I know that he has helped world class athletes who have severe injuries and also trains ordinary people who want to be as fit as possible and stay that way as long as possible. more info Charles Laquidara, WBCN Radio Host Igor and Irina:
A good thing for me to have met you both!

Thank you,
Charles Laquidara

Charles’ personality is well known in the Boston area, because he was of one of the best DJs in the country and a prominent TV personality in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. Many people listened to his WBCN morning show. He developed severe pain in his lower back; it was so bad that it jeopardized his work on the radio and TV. Through his radio program he asked the public to recommend him a “Miracle Man.” Somebody called him and gave Igor’s name. Charles had to lie down on a futon in the back of his wife’s car while she was driving him to see Igor for the first time. Igor developed a program for Charles. It included simple exercises (how to lay down, how to sit, how to stand, how to walk, how to turn, how to go up and down the stairs, etc...) focusing on reducing impact to his joints. Igor was teaching Charles how to move painlessly. Charles started practicing this routine in the water (to decompress the body) and on land. At the beginning Charles was skeptical. Once Charles’ pain began to diminish and he saw steady progress, he became more confident in the Burdenko Method. He was surprised how simple exercises can reduce pain significantly. In less than a year, he participated in a fundraising event – a 10K run in downtown Boston. His friends, listeners, and colleagues congratulated him. He was back in the "game!" From that point on, Charles talked very often about the Burdenko Method. He wanted to share his experience in order to help the public. Even today, Charles continues to implement his water and land programs every day to maintain his great shape physically, spiritually, and to lead a productive life.
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Esther Blank Greif, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist Working with Igor was life-changing for me. His exercises are innovative, safe, and even enjoyable. Unlike many other people Igor has worked with, I am not an athlete.  Other than walking, I did no regular exercise when I began the program. Under Igor’s supervision, I began a variety of land and water exercises. Today, I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have been in years. The emphasis not only on movement but on complete lifestyle makes all the difference. more info