“Unique methodology of injury prevention, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”


TBM Certification

Certification in The Burdenko Method is the primary tool to build a legacy for the method developed by Dr. Igor N. Burdenko over the last 50 years.  TBM Certification is available everywhere in the world. Certification curriculum is designed to gradually guide students of The Burdenko Method from novices to experts. There are only 3 Levels of The Burdenko Method Certification:
    - Master
    - Senior Master
    - Grand Master
Certification at each level has it prerequisites and benefits. More information can be found here.

Customized Certification for Organizations

This component of the TBM educational curriculum allows TBM organizations interested in offering programs based on the Burdenko Method to request custom-designed certification, courses and group programs to be offered to its own clients. TBM’s “Brain Trust” will work together with members of your staff to design and implement each element of the program. Upon final approval, TBM will certify the organization's staff in newly created program and will provide a conditional license to the organization to promote, execute and generate revenues from the new offerings. To learn more, please send contact information through request form.

Continuing Education

One of the key characteristics of The Burdenko Method is that it continuously evolves based on its consistent principles. Anyone with understanding of the fundamentals of the method is able to create new exercises, routines and incorporate other successful approaches to human performance into The Burdenko Method. All certification programs based on The Burdenko Method come with Continuing Education (CE) requirements.  For the most part, all CE is conducted online via live feed or online courses.
Note: individuals previously certified in The Burdenko Method are required to complete minimum CE requirements based on the Certification program. Failure to do so will result in suspension and eventual disassociation with The Burdenko Method, LLC.

TBM Licensing

TBM Licensing is applicable to:
- Organizations with individuals certified in The Burdenko Method, who is interested in promoting products, programs and services based on the Burdenko Method in athletic, leisure and physical therapy industries. In order to promote The Burdenko Method as part of Organization’s offering, it must receive Conditional License from TBM, LLC.  To inquire about conditional license please contact us.
- Equipment & Other Related Products that are complimentary to The Burdenko Method. All equipment and other related products go through extensive testing by TBM’s Brain Trust. Upon approval, manufacturer of the equipment and other related products enters into a licensing agreement with TBM, LLC. Equipment and other related products will become available for sale on TBM’s main website and through its world-wide TBM providers’ network. To inquire about licensed equipment please contact us.

Exercise Library

With over 11,000 exercises based on The Burdenko Method already in existence, TBM’s video library is its most treasured resource. It is an ever growing resource of knowledge and experience with contributors from around the world. Note: TBM video library is currently under construction. It will become available in 2015.  

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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Providers with primary focus on all levels of rehabilitation use The Burdenko Method within their existing practices to produce better results for their patients. The Burdenko Method becomes one of the instruments in the providers’ "toolbox".
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Worldwide operators of resorts and cruise ships are licensed in The Burdenko Method to provide its audience with services ranging from individual wellness plans with programs such as TBM Energy Restoration to daily group fitness routines in the water such as TBM Group Fitness.
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TBM provider services range from recreation group exercises on water and land to elite sport specific individual and team training.
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