“Unique methodology of injury prevention, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”

Partnership Opportunities

More than 5,000 clients worldwide have experienced the power of the method for injury prevention, rehabilitation, general wellness and competitive training.

Today TBM LLC provides customized subject specific certification, equipment, organizational license, individual and group programing in the water and on the land.


  • Athletics
    Health Clubs, Sport Federations, Professional Teams, Youth Sports Organizations, Universities Athletic Departments, Athletic and sports specific trainers’ organizations Leisure
  • Leisure
    Resorts, Cruise Ships and Spas
  • Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
    Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy organizations, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and other medical facilities with focus on improvement of human performance

The benefits of partnership with TBM are:

  • Improvement of quality of life and/or performance for your clients
  • Offering programs based on The Burdenko Method or services of The Burdenko Method certified professionals will enhance reputation of your organization
  • New source of clients, revenues and profits from sales of services, programs and equipment
  • Access to video library with over 11,000 exercises based on The Burdenko Method

General Structure of Partnership with TBM:

  • TBM’s “Brain Trust” comprised of Grand Masters under leadership of Igor N. Burdenko, PhD, will create a customized certification or program(s) based on needs of your organization.
  • TBM will certify members of your team. Upon completion of certification your organization will receive a license with the right to promote programs utilizing The Burdenko Method brand.
The Burdenko Method™ (TBM), a proprietary system developed by Igor N. Burdenko, PhD, is based on scientific approaches to design exercise regimen in the water and on the land.It is a system of movement in rehabilitation, wellness and training programs, applying principles of TBM Fitness Intelligence ™ and TBM Six Essential Elements™.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact us.