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Claire McManus, Runner, Pharmacist

I have always been active and I love running not only for reasons of fitness and the challenge of competition but because it is a great social outlet as well as an escape from stress. I enjoy the easy energy flow I experience when I am fully engaged in a run with complete mind/body focus.

So, about 10 years ago, it was with some discouragement I noticed that my running experience was gradually declining. This was partly due to niggling minor injuries but a good portion of it was due to loss of flexibility etc resulting in poorer form with age.  It was not no longer the Zen experience I once enjoyed with fluidity and ease, it was becoming a real effort. 

Just around this time I was very fortunate to discover Igor and his Burdenko Method. Immediately I knew that I had found my answer and meeting him set me on a new trajectory.  At once I learned that there are important elements to being a successful runner and that one needs to regularly practice specific exercises to enhance and maintain one’s skills.

I found that the Burdenko Method was a great and versatile tool for me to maintain form and gauge my progress in addition to gaining therapeutic benefits when injured.  Using the Burdenko Method, I could design my workouts to discover and target weaknesses and improve components of my running stride or even just to improve movement in general.  I have incorporated the Burdenko Method into my weekly schedule and as a result my injuries are less and I move more efficiently.  When I have an injury I can design my workouts to maintain fitness all the while promoting healing, because of my improved knowledge and awareness.

I feel so privileged to have met Igor and to have him as a  teacher for the last 10 years.  He understands the science of movement and I am so thankful that he has dedicated his life to imparting his knowledge to others by creating the Burdenko Method. Thanks to Igor and his Method, I have regained my joie de vivre.
Claire McManus
Boston, MA
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